Saturday, February 28, 2009

Too Funny

Julia won an essay contest in her school for writing about how you should "Stop and Think". She made this poster to go with her essay. Really cute!

Now look closely...She really has a sense of humor that can go undetected!

Sweet moments

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Lucky I REALLY Am!

I have been really stressed out about finances lately and what the future holds; me of little faith I suppose. Then I witnessed this.

I was headed to work today and had to stop by the post office first. Thinking it would take the usual amount of time I left thirty minutes earlier than I needed. I ended up with a lot of time left so I went and ate at Taco Bell. I decided to go in, since I needed to kill a little time.

As I sat and ate, a guy came in and asked the clerk for an application. I looked up and saw a guy who appeared to be in his late 40's to early 50's. The lady said they were all out and he left. I watched his discouraged face leave and noticed him get on a bicycle and ride away.

My heart sank for this guy. Humbled to the point of riding a bike to Taco Bell in hopes of trying to get a job there. I am struggling, for my standards, but I still have a lot to be grateful for. I have my home, not in foreclosure; enough food to eat; two cars and only one payment; renters; and a decent paying job, just to name a few.

Nathan keeps telling me to have more faith and that things will be okay. I guess since I couldn't just take his advice, I had to figure it out on my own. I seriously wanted to cry for this man-I should change my attitude and learn from this experience.

Monday, February 23, 2009

My beautiful wife with Tracen as a baby.

What a sexy wife I have! I came across this picture and just had to put it on this site. This is one of my favorites. She sure loved that little guy. He was such a great cuddler and she just loved that about him. Tracen still is a pretty good cuddler. One thing that makes this one of my favorites, is because she is so proud of her little guy, and I find that very sexy. She is such a great mother to her children.

A great son

By Nate Tanner

Tonight I was sitting by Preston and I told him that I am a lucky guy. He smiled at me and said "I love you dad!" Not knowing if he even knows what luck means I asked him if he knew why I am a lucky guy, just to see how he would answer. He responded by saying, "because I am a really great son." I asked him how he knew what that meant and he said that I had told him before. I truly don't remember having that conversation saying that I am really lucky because he is a great son, but I am so proud that he knows, and am actually really proud of myself that he knows that, and it's because I had told him.

I really hope my kids know all their lives that I truly am lucky because I have the greatest children in the world.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I knew this day was coming for quite sometime, I just didn't expect it to be this hard. We had a very relieving phone call on Sunday. My dad had found a supervisor working at the power plant who needed a house to rent for him and his crew. They were totally willing to pay our entire payment! They even wanted to move in the following Sunday, so we profit one week in February-which we need right now.

So tonight Nate and I have been cleaning and moving and getting everything ready for them. It was really sad to come into SJ and know that I would not be coming home again for a while. I am going to miss the post office that never has a line as long as the one in AJ; Walking into Wilbur's and have them call me by name; The excitement of small town sports and traditions; and last, but definitely not least, my home.

I have a real sadness in my heart as I leave SJ behind and move to the valley. I do feel a little like I am going home, since I am going back to AJ-where Preston was born. I know that I have been blessed and that Heavenly Father is helping my family through our economically difficult times. I do recognize His hand in my life, especially lately. I have been blessed with a great job that does not require me to be away from my children too much, but pays what we need right now. My instructors have been great working with me so I can graduate in May. My aunt and uncle's willingness to open their home to my family. The huge blessing of being relieved of my mortgage payment.

I have so much to be thankful for. I am sad to say goodbye to SJ, but look forward to what the future holds for my family.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Nate!

You love to cuddle and be close,
You have to have your daily dose.
Compliments you give me freely,
I know you mean them so sincerely.
You cook and leave a mess behind,
But it taste so good that I don't mind.
Wrestling, playing, watching movies,
Talking about girls that have the cooties,
You love to watch your children grow,
You love them lots, this I know.
Sports are just a part of your being,
When our team loses you can't bear seeing.
A love of history and ancestry,
You know a lot and help teach me.
I know I don't tell you often enough,
The good times and the little more rough,
Would never be quite as much fun,
Without you as my my only one.

I love you Nathan Alton Tanner!


Well, we are officially in the valley now. I started work on Monday and last night was my first official non-paperwork day. I love my job! It is very fast paced and there are always new faces. I am excited for the day that I can do my own tables. I love the smell of the kitchen, it reminds me of growing up with long days at the restaurant with my dad. Thanks dad for teaching me hard work ethics and giving me experience that is useful to me still.

Nathan and Preston joined me and the little ones at my aunts house late Thursday night after 8 days of being apart. We are glad to be back together as a family. Tracen was asleep when they got home, but woke up as soon as he heard Preston's voice-eyes still closed-to play with his brother. It was really sweet to watch.

We are excited to have things working out for us finally. We really miss the White Mountains, but are planning to visit soon. This week we hope. Thanks to all who have helped us make the transition. Fellows family, we miss you and will visit soon! Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

If You Had a Nickel...

So we are doing it again-yup, moving. This time things appear to be working better. Life just never goes as you expect, at least not for us. We are going back to AJ, at least until April. My brother comes home on April 21st-yeah! So we may try and have our own place by then. Thanks for a warm and welcome place to stay Cheney Gang! It will be even more fun this time too since Diana is back!

Nathan is waiting to hear back on many jobs, but one that we are really hoping for that he has been given a hint that they may be calling in the next few weeks. I am in the last stages of interviewing for a job at Red Lobster as a server, but the pay is great and it comes with benefits from day one.

My dad will stay in our house and we will rent our other two rooms out to power plant workers to make our mortgage payment. We have gotten several calls every week from guys wanting to rent a room. This will make it possible for us to actually pay our debts back.

CAC is right behind my aunt's house and they have distance programs through NAU. Nathan can finish his teaching degree and teach at my aunt's school, where he has been subbing, and since it is a title 1 school, they will pay his student loans back. I can finish my business degree there as well.

My instructors are allowing me to do my courses on my own and email my assignments. This way I can still graduate in May. I am so excited! Life is busy right now, but I am counting down the weeks until I graduate.

I finally feel like we are starting to make headway. I just don't want to count my chickens before the eggs hatch, but I finally feel like things are working themselves out now. We shall see. Keep us in your prayers.